Want to service every client?

divvi it!

divvi the sharing platform created to help agents shift every property and service every lead.

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Features and Benefits

access more stock

Access More Stock

Search the divvi network and access properties other agents are sharing.

Access More Leads

If you have a property but don't have the right lead then search divvi leads to find leads that need a home!

access more leads
save time sourcing

Save Time Sourcing

divvi will help you save time sourcing leads and properties so you can concentrate on more important work.

Shift Properties Quicker

If you need to shift a property fast or it's just not moving, then share it on divvi to help sell or rent it quicker.

shift properties quicker
earn more commission

Earn More Commission

divvi's smart matching system will help you sell or rent properties that you may have lost, give you access to more stock and earn more commission!

Take on More Business

The time saved and the agent network benefits will allow agents to take on more business.

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take on more business